2017-06-19 11:00:00

As you know New Eden can be a harsh place with much violence.
With the incerasing number of structures in space and daily mining and ratting operations a need to defend our interest also increase.

As a response to this we have desided to promote some ship doctrines to ease and structure our defence operations.
There is a alliance bulletine out on the topic name - EVIAN Armed Forces Branch (AFB) Doctrines

This mail is to ask two thinks of you:
1) Read the bulletine
2) Accept alliance contracts with ship/fittings that are set up

In spesific I ask you to make sure you have a Scorpion and/or logi ships at Dihra - Evian Facility (Evian Industries) and support/GOKU ships in F-YH5B

PS: Set up your contract finder like this to find alliance contracts

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