2017-07-05 18:49:00
Hey dudes,

Do not send a mail to Circle-of-Two directly - this is reserved ONLY for STRATOPS/CTAs/CTMs and other important alliance-level announcements. Generally, the only people who should be sending mails to Circle-of-Two are the following:

- Head FCs (STRATOPS/CTAs/CTMs/Doctrine changes)
- Alliance Industrial Team (Citadel/EC announcements)
- Alliance Leadership

if you wish to send a mail to Circle-Of-Two for something you think is important for the alliance to know (and I stress it must be important), get in touch with one of the above, who will then ratify the request up the chain.

Alliance Mailing Lists

Don't abuse them, stick to the rules, don't be a derp.


CO2 best O2
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