2017-07-07 15:46:00

Re: Impromptue meet
From: Max Sneak
Sent: 2017.07.07 09:04
To: Elemental Tide, Jin'taan, Max Sneak, Rock Onzo,

hey all.

We have an option now. Regardless of what you choose there will be a meet :)

The below MENTL/W4RPED meet apparently coincides with a COGG meet in Manchester.

We either stay as we are and meet in Nottingham or we move the venue to the COGG one in Manchester.

Please reply to this mail on your preference by 20:00 on 08/07/2017.

OFC if you are near Manchester and can not get to Nottingham, then the COGG meet may be better.

Sorry for the short notice but I only just found out


Re: Impromptue meet
From: Max Sneak
Sent: 2017.07.05 10:56
To: Elemental Tide, Jin'taan, Max Sneak, Rock Onzo,


Castle Wharf, Canal St
0115 979 9111

15:00 onwards. Max will be there from 2pm :)

Note: make sure you can get Eve Emails somehow.

Local Hotels:
Quite a few. Budgets starts around £60 but I and a few others will be staying at

Premier Inn
7 Chapel Bar, Nottingham NG1 6JS

which is £90 on saver for the Sat night - Sunday

Other hotels:
Igloo Hostel/Pods. LIMITED Availability


Hope to see you there.

Impromptue meet
From: Max Sneak
Sent: 2017.07.01 09:44
To: Elemental Tide, Jin'taan, Rock Onzo,

Hey ppl,

Looking at a get together to brag and talk shit on 22nd July 2017 in Nottingham, UK unless there is a more central place to meet for ppl. We need to decide in the next week if not in Nottingham.

Starting venue to be decided but likely a Witherspoons.

There will be some ppl already coming from another country (yeah the North) so it would be nice if we could sort something out.

Faling over and drinking may be mandatory.

If you KNOW that you can get there then send me a mail (not reply all) so we can get an idea of how many ppl will be there. We are likely to just stay in one pub and drink :)

Others included in the mail, please pass to your aliances etc.

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