2017-07-12 01:09:00

Can you spread this to alliance?
From: Hayley Azaph
Sent: 2017.07.12 01:07
To: pmcunit,

PMC may you please send this to the Alliance? I noticed not many JF make continuous runs from jit ato oulley and such. I would like to become one of the focused JF pilots for alliance. If you do not believe the prices are reasonable please let me know.

Good Day,

I would like to announce that I will be providing multiple trips daily from the Jita to oulley/AUb as well as from Aub or oulley to Jita. These trips will be daily and almost hourly at times. Below are my going rates.

Jita--->Oulley= 35 mill plus 200 isk per M3

Jita----->Aub= 35 mill plus 250 isk per M3

Oulley--->Jita= 35 mill plus 200 isk per M3

Aub----->Jita= 35 mill plus 250 isk per M3

I can do collateral up to 6 billion ISK. Please no containers.

For those that only require small volumes transported, If I recieve other orders some ISK may be refunded to you if all fuel costs are covered by the other courier requests. This is not to make much profit as you can see but fuel must be covered for continued convience to the Alliance. Please send all courier contracts to shadyDealz. 90 percent of all orders will be completed with in hours of me accepting seeing the contract.
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