2017-07-15 14:45:00

seeding market
From: Maximillian Logos
Sent: 2017.07.15 14:44
To: Relentless Terrorism,

o/ everyone,

im seeding the market, neurotox already joined,

id like to invite the lot of you to my mailing list

max's hauler

where you can send a mail with mods/ships that you need and request them to be moved into system and put on the market, i try not to abuse you people too much. ive already undercut everyone on the market (some by quite a bit) to be bring you guys reasonably priced stuff on the market.

If you join, make sure you link what you need and how many you wanna see on the market, if you do it in advance of a fleet you want run, the idea is that more haulers than just me would join and we should be able to seed the market with whatever you need.

kind regards,

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