2017-07-16 22:37:00
Hi all,

This last week we have had several very avoidable losses to reds. We all need to read the below to limit the chances of losses in the future:

Firstly the basics - WATCH INTEL.

If tackled:
*calmly report where in intel
*report what/who is tackling you
*get into the fleet (most of you should be in this always anyhow)
*get onto teamspeak

This should take no longer than 30 seconds - don't worry about trying to kill the red. If they have tackled you it means they think they can kill you so get the above done first.

If a red enters system GET SAFE. However if its a dropper and you're in a DED site you're fairly safe in the site - cynos can't be lit on or in the site and it is unlikely their blops will want to traverse multiple rooms just to catch you.

If the red leaves system find out WHERE he went before you undock - theres a chance he logged off in system. If he logged off in system then don't do anything. In addition don't forget to Fit a Cyno and be in the same fleet I'm in - who knows - perhaps I might help you :)

Theres so much more to know, but thats the basics for now.
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