2017-07-17 01:45:00
This evening our meeting established the following;

- We are universally tired of Archiebald Hornby's egotistical bullshit, the CRC's organisational incompetence and their pandering to him in general.
- He has attempted to arrange for our reset and removal by the coalition in secret, and Dream's leader MomtheDoge was kind enough to inform us. See for yourselves:
- Our general response to the coalition:
- Both sides have now reset each other.
- We will be selling all Solitaire citadels to the Culture or LUMPY in the next several days.
- We are interested in the current offer of our moving to Paragon Soul and joining Legacy Coalition.
- Freedom's Dream will be merging into Solitaire to join us in this endeavour.
- A largescale logistical operation was undertaken today and much was moved to Chardalane in the first leg of our journey south.

What you need to do
- Begin extraction of all remaining assets in Cloud Ring to Chardalane or Adacyne
- For fitted ships, name the ships after your character name, trade them to a capital pilot in corp, and have them jump it. Names include Rinszler, Valkyrie Herland,
- For cargo or repackaged ships, contract to jump freighter pilots such as Aurilae Ardenta, Dragon BF and Stank Delicious

The first leg is to extract from 77 to Chard/Adacyne
The second is to move gear through high sec to Rayl
Friendly logistics will then assist us in moving gear to our new home in Paragon Soul
This will take a few days as we setup standings and get various pieces of organisation sorted.

More to come as we sort it all out.

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