2017-08-06 19:31:00
Hello all!, Dark and Menaiya have just booted me from all comms and are as i type this attempting to remove me from slt.

I have done nothing other than try to help this alliance and give you all the best chance you can, from fcing and fittings to bringing dream into slt and trying to make paragon soul a reality.

Needless to say, your betrayal was suspected for a while and will on the whole not effect me in the slightest.

However to my friends i say this, if YOU are sick and tired of this bullshit, and want to stay down here with no restrictions like under slt, and no more shitty politics.

Then come join me and fly with the best, not these fucktards.

Apply today to True Superiority and become one with your Sansha Brothers and Sisters.
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