2017-08-06 20:44:00
Im done with this Allaince , I can never get a word in edgeway , I am ignored or brushed off and generally not apprichated. You guys should not have treated Valk the way you have tonight , I dont care if shes spying or not. It was not right. I know Dark is not in the wrong in this situation but I also know Neverodd is not the kind of person Dark is painting him as because I achually took the fucking time to get to know the guy unlike any of you.

I have spent over 120 hours recruiting for this allaince in the last 4 months and have FCed massive amount of operation in cloud ring but have goten little to no respect for my efforts.

So I am leaving to make my own corp (yes , with Valk). I did and do not intend to burn any bridges. I am just doing what I want, Because Frankly I have not been happy in the allaince for the last month and a half. Normally this is the point where I would just dissapear from eve like i normally do , but suprisingly I am still motivated to play even after how I have been feeling (getting a super for the first time ever will do that to you).

Hope you all the best ,

Dark I recruited around 200+ members you owe me 7,000,000,000 (half of the super you promised me).
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