2017-08-07 22:19:00
House Solstice will be leaving Solitaire. indefinetely,

As I've mentioned to dark motoko, I joined the corp by myself and I will be leaving by myself, this is my OWN decision period. Nobody in any way tried to coerce me with "Fake News" as "Dark & Posse" have already coined. The truth about my leaving will be illustrated for you below.

Truthfully IMO, it doesn't matter where we are now in New Eden, what matters IMO is how we got here, and will it work going forward...

" Remember, Remember, your Oath to the Members, meanstwhile Dream Directors plot, I see no reason, why this ostracizing treason, should EVER be forgot.." - House Solstice

So without dark headlining a different story, or milena & iveanitch placing a black bag over my head and pulling me to private comms due to dissent... This is what I saw former Solitaire as..
TL:DR below! Please enjoy some music I found completely relevant to the situatation ... ( Turn to low ambiant sound level with Auto-Play feature enabled for maximum effectiveness vs conversational oppressions ).

(Back in KLYN-8 in he last few days of March)

Solstice: Yo Dragon whats up how's it been :)

Dragon BF: Not bad, co-running a corp in NPC space currently, looking to start Capital Building nothing to large, How's MC?

Solstice: I Left MC, things didn't really work out. To much moving around space and what not and the Doctrines are way off my SP gap..

Dragon BF: Hrmm well you could always come down here with us..

Solstice: Hmm sounds good for an industrialist sign me up!

( In the following month of April into mid-May Elysium Prime's activity amassing not only new recruits but returning players durastically increases SLT's daily activities black-opsing TAM's ISK machine.. During this time spy activity becomes relevant and the Facebook Group is made to measure "Who the Metric Fuck we are!". ( To this day I have no reason to believe it was ever compromised in any way.. ))

( 3rd week of May ) Valkyrie Herland is brought in by Dragon and within the first week is given the role of SKY marshall of -SLT- for accolades agaisnt TAM

( By the end of May it's safe to say that a successful black-ops campaign was in full scale launch and TAM was being relentlessely assaulted by the day to day activities of SLT members mainly of those lead by dark, Dragon, Callum, Elysium & Valyrie .. With Callum & Russell's assault on RIZA HR's Thanny and fleet numbers increasing TAM sov space became a new target )

( Overnight and without Alliance knowledge Callum & Russell saw it fit to deploy a fortizar in DY- to assert power near TAM Space drawing eyes from not only the CRC but other nearby Entities as well..)

This Fundamentaly forced SLT aggression VS all of CRC space..

This is where concern became evident to me and I choose to speak up about some mis-directions I saw between Corp Goals & the route -SLT- was now heading.. I'll be honost I was pissed ..

Solstice: Callum this isn't a play for -SLT- to take and defend sov space is it? I never thought WRA wanted to take and defend sov to begin with even the corp advert says NPC Null still..

Callum: No, not at all we are just using DY- strategically.. we'll move on eventually after TAM is unseated..

Solstice: sigh....

(The first few weeks of June show a successful campaign vs TAM wrapping up with a special thanks to Valkyrie and Elysium... THAT WAS NEVER GIVEN!! you guys will get it today :P ) << yeah that happened...

( "Dark & Posse" decide its possible to then take a space in CRC space.. more fortizars get put down. )

Solstice: WTF!! GOD DAMMIT!!

dark motoko: Well we saw it as a good opportunity for diplomacy and better ratting..


dark motoko: Don't worry it will work out... << woot .. wait .. wtf?

( Enter Cowboy Bebop & Lumpy )

( Over the next few weeks leadership would log on primarily for sunday meetings save for Valkyrie and Elysium who were then managing runaway timers and relentless Entosis warfare, in which lineman would face some of the bloodiest periods in dark's now lengthy deployment into CR that he now hangs his coat on today.. )

I felt your pain during that time guys... I was there... I hope you take the time to notice who really wasn't... especially after Callum's *SRP* ran out and spirits ran low....

and were now out of CR.. holy fuck right? where was leadership you ask? As far as I can tell making anti-TAM seministic grandstanding-like propaganda as in....

and the countless rants about *Archibalds Hurricane Fleet in TS we all remember this right? It went on for weeks.. life is hard... dark tucked his nads apparently....

Here's our killmails during that time!

Same faces again ... not suprising though.. it's all reciprical after all

( After a successful yet lengthy logi period to get to PS, SLT finds themselves shaken but moving still with a new alliance onboard as well.. albiet a prior enemy within CRC)

After a few weeks of unsuccessful communications between directors and the corporation, much dissent between who's really doing what for who and when its availiable blah blah blah blah... Fact of the matter is, we went in KNOWING Neverodd wanted Valkyrie Herland as middle man ... PERIOD .. cicelia as diplomat... Period.. all was groovy at first but the gears then began to slow and dissent became verbial perhaps when it shouldn't have in front of the wrong people...

Confrontation then ensued between dark & Neverodd about leadership..

Continued in Part 2

-TL:DR below-

-Callum & Dark Lied..
-Callum & Dark confirmed of lying..
-Dark goes absent from true leadership
-Linemen get beat to a pulp and retreat from CR
-Dark's Leadership gets put into question
-Purge of dissidence by Freedom's Dream leadership.. (14 man Alliance)
-House Solstices departure of SLT to True Design
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