2017-08-08 19:15:00
Brothers and sisters,

Everyone believing Valkyrie's lies and treacherous behaviour should go for LBFB and be the working slave of them.

We do not exploit our members via a bone breaking buy back program to enlarge the wealth of the leading (super carrier) class. And we do not remove our members for petty reasons.

We are a family that stands together since we departed for Syndicate, we know each other for a long time and roamed gloriously before we resettled.

We cannot give you Supers or an enourmos wealth, but we do everything to head towards it . And we are honest to everyone of you.

Nearly everything stated by Juvial was fake and aimes to give you the impression that all directors are incompetent and dysfunctional except for Valkyrie and Elysium.

But we were great even before they joined. They stated that everything they did was the only good someone did for the Alliance, dishonoring Callum's Legacy although it was Valkyrie that broke the contract with Spaceship Bebop and basically forced our removal from Cloud Ring.

Valkyrie, you're saying that you want to keep the bridges intact while setting them onflame by undermining our authority and trying to convince valuable members to join your rebellion.

And Elysium, you stated that nearly everyone has given you no credit for what you have done, although we did many times. Even when you forced members out who i valued high you got everything.

We will stay loyal to Dark and the Alliance. And follow him wherever he leads us.

Brothers, sisters.
Do not listen to their false promises.
It is time to rejoy,
it is time to rebuild.
Solitaire has prevailed.
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