2017-08-12 23:14:00
Indigo Bank
// Procurement & Liquidation

Simply create a contract with your assets to Indigo Bank with 0 ISK on the value. The location of your assets does not matter provided that we are able to make reasonable effort to attempt to retrieve the asets.

We will appraise the items & deposit the ISK into your account (if you have one) or open an account for you with the deposit.

Estimated turnaround time is 24 hours.

We will buy at 95% of Trade Hub price, this percentile is not fixed but provides a guide to the price you should expect from us.

Indigo Bank is operating the Alliance Buyback Program under charter. As such a 0.75% tax is applicable to your gross value.

ALL blueprints and non-appraisable items shall be valued at a flat 100,000 ISK per item.

Our max valuation point is 10bil ISK per contract.

Contracts valued over 10bil ISK are subject to a handling fee of 3.4%

Contracts which include unpackaged ships are subject to a handling fee of 3.4%

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Indigo Bank is a financial services corporation, part of the Indigo group.
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