2017-10-04 13:08:00
I thought I was being nice. I thought I was being generous. But it seems I was wrong. One of two things happened. Either the jump freighters carrying my materials and BPO's were attacked and destroyed, or people in my own damned Alliance stole from me. I made my collateral for shipping my things low because people were saying they were too high. Now, All of my T2 parts are missing, as are all of my T2 building materials. A large Number of T1 and T2 ships were also lost. All of my T2 part BPO's (which were fully researched) are also missing. And a good number of ship BPO's are also missing (Again, Fully researched.) The thing was, ALL of these Couriers Contracts were made so only Alliance and Corp members could take them. If this is how my kindness and generosity are repaid then I don't know if I want to be part of this Alliance. The total loses in terms of isk is over 17 billion. interms of RL cash that is around $400. The Ships, minerials, Materials, and various fittings, I'm willing to let go of. I just want my time and effort that I put into those BPO's back.
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