2017-10-04 18:22:00
I'd like to make a correction on my last message, as it was partialy true. As Deglady Hekard pointed out to me, if you don't move your ship at all after jumping (say jump and go AFK) your ship will not get tethered. Slight difference but there it is. Given as such yes, it is possible to lose a ship on a citadel after jumping, only if you purposefully leave it hanging out there without any action.

In other words, don't ever go AFK after jumping your ship. You are invulnerable only for the first 10-15 seconds after jumping. In fact don't go AFK even if you do get tethered - you can still be bumped off and it has happened before.

Re: Using Capital Assets off Tether
From: Eternal Griever
Sent: 2017.10.04 13:16
To: Evictus.,

I'm sorry, but going to call bullshit on this.

After jumping to a cyno with ANY ship (blops, bomber, carrier, etc.) your ship is UNLOCKABLE just like after undocking from an outpost. That is the reason why you don't get tethered instantly, it is also the reason why ANY pilots can't lock you during that period. What that means is unless you do some stupid shit like locking someone or going/getting bumped outside tether range there is absolutlely no reason why you would lose a ship on a citadel (unless you don't have access to it of course).

If you don't believe me you can try it yourself by jumping a ship to some remote location and trying to lock it before you move it in any way. That is also the reason why you don't get targetted at first if you ever try dropping/counter dropping. For a good period of time you are literally invulnerable.

TL;DR You don't get thered because immadietly after jumping you are invulnerable, nothing/no one can lock you.

Re: Using Capital Assets off Tether
From: Roboto Chan
Sent: 2017.10.04 10:24
To: Evictus., Francis Raven,

Hey Frank, the problem is when you jump you need to dock straight away as you don't land tethered

Using Capital Assets off Tether
From: Francis Raven
Sent: 2017.10.02 03:11
To: Evictus.

Hi all,

It has come to my (and the coalition's) attention that we are have been using capital assets off of tether and have been getting in trouble. Please stop this. I understand reds are hitting our cynos, however it's important to follow good practice when using capital assets.

If reds are hitting our cynos, report to your FC team in allliance chat or on discord. Also ping Francis Raven on discord. From there, we can form a proper defence and response fleet, and we would be HAPPY at that point to have you bring out your capitals and we can fight off the reds together.

Thanks team.

Francis Raven
Department Of Warfare
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