2017-10-05 10:44:00
Hey there alliance

not putting this mail on the forums gehe.

It always sucks to loose stuff to these things, it really does.
That said, this problem could have been averted with some reasoning.
When you or anyone in general does a contract to the alliance, everyone in the alliance will be able to accept that contract. This includes people that have the intention to awox. Maybe for the fun of it, Maybe because they see their home getting taken over by us right now... Who knows.
Anyway, never just trust everyone in the alliance, if you're not convinced about that, try to find this mail back here: who knew we have spies...

So how to deal with courier conracts:

- Want to make a general contract?
Alliance is fine, just make sure to set (at least) 100% collateral and never exceed 300.000 m3 or 2 bil isk on them.

- Something going on, special situation or in need of fast help?
Contact me, I seem to be "director of logisics" for the alliance.
I can either help you find a good trusted contractor or get my own network out to get stuff to and from all kinds of places.
Just reach out to me in-game or on our slack.

And yes I also messed up this weekend and had one contract fall in the hands of an awoxer.
Good thing for the guy that trusted his stuff to me was that I'm prepared for those kind of things and I could just refund the loss in this specific case.

Talking about #firefly-freight. Take a peak at Firefly Freight, An alliance service that moves courier contracts and even your ship with you still in it if need be.

To those who would like to get started on freighting with cynos for the fun of it:
- Accept a contract only when you are docked up in station with where that contract's start position is
- Accept a contract only when you know you can dock at the destination, an alt is looking around for you and emergency cyno's are on stand-by.
- Intel is not enough.
- Cyno's, if you think you have enough of them, get some more.
- Never trust an alliance bud to light a cyno for you unless you there is an other "trusted" alliance member sitting on grid that can confirm. when JF-ing be that trusted alliance member yourself from an alphaclone alt.
- Have enough fuel in your bays to turn around and get safe in an emergency, keep your fatigue timers low.
- your emergency hideouts are yours, so are your jump destinations. When able, avoid sharing them.

Last important thing:
Never undock what you can't afford to loose. This includes your things undocked by other people.


// Lorik

Disappointed, VERY Disappointed.
From: Lukessa Drake
Sent: 2017.10.04 13:08
To: Warped Intentions,

I thought I was being nice. I thought I was being generous. But it seems I was wrong. One of two things happened. Either the jump freighters carrying my materials and BPO's were attacked and destroyed, or people in my own damned Alliance stole from me. I made my collateral for shipping my things low because people were saying they were too high. Now, All of my T2 parts are missing, as are all of my T2 building materials. A large Number of T1 and T2 ships were also lost. All of my T2 part BPO's (which were fully researched) are also missing. And a good number of ship BPO's are also missing (Again, Fully researched.) The thing was, ALL of these Couriers Contracts were made so only Alliance and Corp members could take them. If this is how my kindness and generosity are repaid then I don't know if I want to be part of this Alliance. The total loses in terms of isk is over 17 billion. interms of RL cash that is around $400. The Ships, minerials, Materials, and various fittings, I'm willing to let go of. I just want my time and effort that I put into those BPO's back.
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