2017-10-05 17:37:00
Evening all,

P-Noobs is a channel for pilots who are willing to learn the basics of PvP and more. I strongly encourage you to join it, that's how I first started training my skills in fleet combat. It's run by noobfriendly & relaxed FC Soviet Elmo, upcoming fleets are posted in motd. Also join the appropiate mailing list "P-noobs"

Important upcoming OTHER fleets :

6/10 Ferox/Cerb fleet (Red Citadel in Lowsec, final counter, so either a fight or killmail to be had)

9/10 CTA fleet, Abaddons/Ferox (Pandemic Legion Citadel in 3D-, final counter)
IF you have the possibility to join this fleet, do so ! I can't emphasize enough how important this fleet is !

P.S I've heard about the good vibe concerning PvP We have atm, great to hear all, keep it up ! Special thanks To Harlock, Margrete and all involved. Sorry I can't be online that much.

Fly safe o7
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