2017-10-06 13:24:00
Good morning all,

Please review today's Ops and plan accordingly. Today's are important in particular as we have some good assets to defend.

1) CTA 1
2) CTA 2
3) CTA 3

These operations are spread across all timezones, so there should be some action for everyone! Please attend if you can. FCs are working hard to get things organized. The faster we run these successfully, the easier it is to make money again.

Speaking of making money, the alliance would like to suggest the following two activities:

• ADM Fleets - we have systems in our northern nuSov pocket with iHubs now installed. Feel free to rat and mine in those systems as they contribute to the ADM of the system, thus making it MUCH more difficult for reds to take the system back. This will lead to us securing our borders, you making isk, and reducing the need to run more CTAs.
• Logistics - the alliance will need ships and fittings imported into our nuSov. If you own a Jumpfreighter, this is a possibility for you to make a little bit of isk while supporting the alliance. We need G-String, Knickers-Off, Hell's Rails (Ferox doctrine on fleet-up), and Ceptors fitted and placed on alliance contracts in both our coalition staging, as well as seeded throughout the stations we own in the nuSov. Since our production capacity is a bit stunt, JF pilots can buy in trade hubs and bring it down.

If you have any questions above, please get in touch with Francis Raven via mail or discord.

-Department of Warfare
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