2017-10-06 17:33:00
Good day my dear Friends from ARMY.
Its been fun rolling with all of you.
My first act is to thank Pansufan for accepting my people in in their time of need and giving us a helping hand in our darkest hour, i shall forever be thankful for this service.

At this point however our position with ARMY, a place full of people i have come to love has become untenable, those that know me know my issues with the current happenings, things that have been pushed forward relentlessly.

The icing on the cake being renter level corp dues.

CCRAY will be leaving to Join Orbital Velocity another blue organization close by, i wish you my friends the best of luck, and good fortune

Be safe and Fly safe

In addendum.
Moments after announcing the leaving from ARMY CCRAYs members were banned from the Discord and leadership (ghosstr) has blocked me from communications with him, limiting our ability to communicate back and forth to coordinate operations in a equitable and adult/professional manner. Quite the opposite from what ive actually learned to expect from this alliances leadership
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