2017-10-07 00:55:00
USRK has supported pantsu many a time in the past but we have always operated with an independant style spirit.
Although against etherian reach as a choice we attempted to support armys agendas with allies in those areas, intel on the areas and support on the homefront until recently.
the ties established diplomaticly will not be served and we continue to support army ebola relations and will assist in reinforcing them, however we cannot in our own entity remain in army of new eden due to isues with policy, information sharing, lack of military prepairedness, lack of corperate rights in the discuss of the discions of their own alliance they help support.

After Much Debait and a long review of the ability to achieve its need of growth usrk has decided to exit from army of new eden effective shortly after this mail is sent. I wish Ghosttr Archiebald and their military staff the best in their daunting task of securing a new home for Army.

Captian Kenshin555 Head Of Hotdropoclock enterprises, Fleet Commander of army, Ex Skyteam
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