2017-10-07 05:35:00
Cool, a kill order! Hope I spot them!

Hey all!

Hi it's me Deadly.

No more leaving Army and shit we need you in drone space.

Cheers and creepy old man hugs and stuff.

KOS order!!
From: Jennifer Balmington
Sent: 2017.10.05 12:17
To: Army of New Eden,

Hi guys,

Dys DeVictor and his corp Old Dirty Bastards. are now KOS. (Kill On Sight)

If you see him or any of his limited members (I think all 4 are his) then please kill and pod his ass back to where it came from.

Since his racial outburst on discord and his kicking from Alliance he has openly started shooting unarmed Army Structures so kill that fucker any way you see fit.

Thank you all for your Continuued Co-operation.

Head Diplo dude for Army.
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