2017-10-08 08:19:00

Hoplite Doctrine
Phalanx Federation MWD Osprey

Fleet 1

Date: Sunday 8th October.
Forming: 19:30 EVE Time.
Location: Arnola.
Type of Fleet: FUN FUCKING FLEET. <3
Doctrine: TBD.

- Is my first fleet back with you guys for a long while. Lets get back in to it, have some fun hopefully get some dank kills.

Fleet 2

Date: Monday 9th October.
Forming: TBD.
Location: Arnola.
Type of Fleet: CTA.
Doctrine: TBD.

- We will be forming for our raitaru timer - I will send out more information on this fleet closer to the time.

Mail me with questions if you have any.

Fly safe

Buck o7
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