2017-10-10 02:00:00
Hey Guys,

There will be changes coming soon. We will be shifting to communicating strategic stuff to forums and broadcasts. Please feel free to send fake mails to each other to screw with EVE Skunk or at least entertain your fellow nerds.

Other changes will be in the alliance government, FC group and tracking what corps are contributing what. As we grow larger we have to do this so we can maintain traction and continue to progress. You are encouraged to ask your leaders and your corpmates what purpose, what role can I serve. CEOs you are encouraged to ask what will be expected going forward from you and your corp.

As we become better honed you will notice we will continue to tigthen up our operations. This is to benefit the line members in providing them with services and content. To share the burdens alliance wide and consolidate our growth and gains.

You can look for delieverables and changes over the coming 2 weeks.
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