2017-11-03 06:28:00
There have been some recent issues with behavior within Brave comms and chat.

Rather than writing a new long post about this, I will remind you all of where our Stay Classy motto came from. Then and now, this is the ideal we strive for.

Here is the post, by our founder, Matias Otero:

Stay Classy

What does this mean? It means not following others down that self-demeaning gutter of childish hostility and pointless harassment. BNI is NOT in this game to turn chat channels into some social hellhole of e-peen stroking and unsportsmanlike behaviour like DOTA or LoL chat. A brave newbie is marked by his educated behaviour towards everyone, even those who mark themselves as undeserving of it by way of foul language and petty insult, even as he fearlessly throws his ships into glorious combat against them. A game's culture is defined by the accumulated actions and words of it's players. There are enough of us that we have to take responsability for the kind of atmosphere we are creating, both inside our own corporation and in the game at large.

What will future generations of EVE players turn into if we teach them that battles are to be ended and begun by insult shouting matches and that capable and honorable opponents should be humiliated rather than respected? No. That is not the kind of organization I wanted to create nor lead. We all want EVE and BNI to grow, and one of the best ways to do this is to be the people we'd like to meet in EVE.

The model BNI pilot is a fearless, bloodthirsty savage in ship combat and a perfect gentleman in the chat window. I know all of you are right now within variable degrees of this ideal, but I want you to start thinking in these terms. If part of your playstyle is to be a screaming savage using the anonymity of online media, I suggest you use an alt for that. I don't want our good name tarred by petty insults and unnecessary drama. Always treat your opponents with respect, even as you have a merry good time kicking their asses.

That's not to say that some friendly banter cannot occur enemies in-between, but as a BNI gentlepilot, you are expected to stop when things start to get out of hand, or when personal insults of the lower nature start to get thrown around. I'm sending this mail to make all of you aware that from now on I'm expecting good behaviour from you all, and improvement from some of you. You're not going to get kicked if you happen to go off the rails, but you are expected to recognize your mistakes and strive to be better gamers. I'm including myself here, since I've been less than a gentleman to some of our past enemies (hrrrmmwardecshrmm). Anyways, I wanted to share this with you, so we all start reflecting on how we can make EVE a better place to be in.

Fly brave! 7o
Matias Otero CEO
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