2017-11-04 00:18:00
I already paid my rent, but trying to figure out how to find it to screen shot.

Re: Corps who still need to sort rent
From: Petite Bottine
Sent: 2017.11.04 00:17
To: Rate My Ticks, MrsWarBucks,

Im not in my house this week. sunday i will pay my rent . thank you !

Corps who still need to sort rent
From: MrsWarBucks
Sent: 2017.11.03 21:32
To: Rate My Ticks

Lost in Station

Iron Riders

Modern Mining Co.

How bout no


White Ice Industries

Living with Sensation

Ordo Deos

Ministry of the Damned

Myth and Roid

Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Service

Coal miner investments

if your name is here you got till sunday to get paid or contact managers by mail with a screenshot of your payment or you will get the boot.

Thanks in advance
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