2017-11-06 20:42:00
Hello All,

Here is an update about a few topics:
1. Jump Bridges
2. Decomissioning Structures
3. Mining and billing

1. Jump Bridges:

There is now a Jump Bridge chain between GE- and 68FT.

GE-8JV P7-M1 <> E3-SDZ P6-M2

Then a few jumps and:

TM-0P2 P7-M1 <> 68FT-6 P6-M1

This is run by the alliance, but there is a custom that people who use it a lot or for big ship they drop some Liquid Ozone in the Jump Bridge.

How to do this?
1. Right click the Jump Bridge.
2. Select "Acces Resources"
Informative Picture 1
3. Drag the donation of Liquid Ozone to the Jump Bridge.
Informative Picture 2

Your respective corporations should have setup up bookmarks for the locations.

2. Decomissioning Structures

The following structures will be unanchoring at some point after a week:"
N-CREL - SETC You're Welcome (Brave Pos Boys)

SNFV-I - refinerer (Brave Pos Boys)

In addition the cloning facility in:

N-CREL - Mission Impassable (Brave Pos Boys) we advice to use the cloning facility in TM-0P2 - Test Makes the Moves (Upvote)

3. Mining and billing

Last week the first moon mining op has been done. As far as I know it was a succes.
Today the first billing wave went out. This was a little bit less of a succes. Due to an error, some details got mixed up. So you may ignore the send bill. The proper value will be added to next weeks bill. (The error has been discovered and is at the point of being resolved).
If you have paid the amount will be taken into account with next bill.

IT is also looking into a proper way to announce these mining operations. More information will follow about that.

So much for the update.

Have fun, fly safe or fly Brave!


Metric Candy
Alliance Infra Dir
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