2017-11-08 08:15:00
Hello Bobby Bobbles , IA and goons

I have read this mail with every detail. i agree most of them, But I have to put my opinion for campers.Absolutely, tenant need defense from AFK cloakers In usual situation . However In my opinion these camping are not normal player behavior This looks more like a retaliation for a sovereignty war. As i know LowSechnaya Sholupen is the most powerful alliance in amarr low security. If we can defeat them why we need pay ISK to rent a system? I hope you can understand though we are tenants, we are standing by your side and we are willing fight with you! Now we are not rent, we are in war! we are not farmer, we are soldier! we are not asking for help! we are asking for back up!

I paid lot rent and i got nothing back so far, but i didnot say anything before i read this mail. because i believe goons and IA can properly handle the trouble. But after I read it, I have to say that I am very disappointed.

Update from The Initiative! Must read for all Initiative Associaties Members!
From: Bobby Bobbles
Sent: 2017.11.05 22:24
To: Initiative Associates, Concentrati0n, CrankyApe, Istration, Pandoralica,

Greetings from The Initiative Fountain Management Team!

I wanted to reach out to all the new members, of Initiative Associates, to extend our gratitude to every single member of the new Fountain tenant alliance. We greatly appreciate all the hard work you all have individually put into making your new systems habitable and ready for upgrades.

First some housekeeping updates:
>> Rental Agreement Paperwork:

>> Current Fountain Region Availability Document:

>> Fountain Intel Channel: ftn.imperium
>> Fountain Jump Freighter Service: AIR Fweight

New Occupant MUST KNOWS:
>> I-Hubs will be provided by The Initiative after payment has been confirmed for your selected system (I-Hub is FREE with system rental)
>> All additional upgrades require a one-time fee (Must purchase from INIT. We offer upgrades from 1-5 as a bundle deal. This is considerably cheaper than Jita) We will no longer accept tenant provided upgrades unless otherwise approved.
Pirate Package 1-5 is 1.5b isk
ORE Package 1-6 is 1.1b isk
Entrapment Package is 2.4b isk

Make sure it is approved
Make sure you paid the deposit (see rental agreement)
Make sure you set it to online/repair at 1900 EVE
Unapproved structures are subject to termination

Second some reminders:

>> The Initiative guarantees that no other alliance will take the sovereignty of the rented systems.

>> Defense from AFK cloakers is the responsibility of the tenant

>> Losses from hostile activities is the sole responsibility of the tenant

>> We do NOT accept other forms of payment for rent.

>> We will NOT reduce or waive payments due to losses

>> We ARE happy to help tenants with their defense efforts (Join I. Rent for assistance)
It is STRONGLY suggested that Initiative Associates members subscribe to a Standing Fleet to aid your neighbors with defense.
More advanced anti-LSH/GBT defense is possible but requires coordination with INIT. We are still working on strategy for this so stay tuned for more updates)

>> Alliance mail is NOT the place to express your grievances (BE PROFESSIONAL)

Finally, some last notes:

We have expanded the Fountain Management Team! We brought on additional EU/USTZ representatives to aid with onboarding and also structure support efforts.

Thank you for your time and also your patience while we improve the processes and operations of the entire Initiative Associates ecosystem.

We are working very hard to ensure we can provide the best services to you all. We will provide updates via Alliance communications and in the I. Rent channel.

For any questions/concerns/suggestions, please be respectful and message them directly to one of the members of the Fountain Management Team.

Safe flying!
Istration & The Fountain Management Team

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