2017-11-08 10:12:00
Hi fellow space jews,

I-Hub Upgrades
As there are more and more systems populated in Fountain its hard to keep manualy track of index progress in every single 1. If you have I-Hub upgrades around, payd for packs or waiting for them to be installd please contact Red Rose.
Also please note that INIT. can provide I-Hub upgrades for a much cheaper rate than Jita prices so there is the option to buy them from INIT. For prices refer to the rental agreement linked in the alliance channel MOTD or contact Red.

Evasion systems:
For renters who feel heavy camped we opend some system for evasion. This means its free for all and you can go there and try your luck. Campers might ofc also appear there but at least you have an option. Evasion systems are also supposed to be used when incursions appear.

Current evasion system

All systems have an I-Hub and will be upgraded with free pirate 1-3 upgrades (+ore 1-3 in byxf) as indexes go up.
Again, those systems are FFA this means all renters can go there and do their PVE.
As rule for anomalies the first who started killing NPCs owns the anomalie. (No reserveration cycling around killing 1 rat and go next!) Ore sites and belts are to be shared.

Please note that evasion systems are only for temp use and will be restricted to owners only if they get rented out.

The Rental Team
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