2017-11-13 13:46:00
Hi folks,

Just a polite notice to advise you that Virgin Plc have taken down their 2 structures, Virgin Megastore (fortizar) and Virgin Industries (azbel) in G-AOTH as part of our move from Evictus to CVA.

We apologise for not providing any advance warning, but we considered this as a potential security risk, and unnecessary given the introduction of 'Asset Safety',

Please check the 'Safety' tab of your corporation and personal assets, and if necessary use the 'Asset Safety' feature to transfer your property to one of the friendly structures in system within 20 days, without penalty.

After 20 days, any property will be transfered automatically to the closest lowsec system, which in the case of G-AOTH is Camal IX - Ammatar Fleet Testing Facilities. retrievable at a cost of 15% asset value.

Thanks for reading

CEO Virgins
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