2017-11-25 22:23:00

Please read the following forum post for information on our next mining op.

Mining Op

Also, please check this section on the forums for future information on mining ops. I will be placing op sticky posts on here for basic info related to all ops to hopefully help with questions. if you are not registered for the Warped intentions forums please do so ASAP as most communications take place there.

Aside---please train up Rare Moon Ore Processing Exceptional Moon Ore Processing to use crystals for some of our alliance ops in the future in that order (only to level 3 or 4). I will be providing crystals for moon mining ops run on the alliance level in the future. I have placed skillbooks for these up on the market in OGL8-Q - The Asylum (Spatial Forces).

Thank you and i look foreword to seeing everyone there!
Mining Officer
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