2017-11-27 23:44:00
i actually did a rush and just manually changed some hundreds of rented moon prices, so you can start mailing/convo the rental managers and get the new prices

I am pretty sure i already mailed people who sent already moon rent and it was wrong

As it's 1am i am logging off, Have a nice evening!

Dec Rent and Moon Rent Changes
From: Khandar Goldstein
Sent: 2017.11.27 22:45
To: Rate My Ticks,


please remind to start paying your system rent for December if you havent already.

For moons i'll tomorrow update the rent due by people, some people will have slightly changes (never noticed more than 10% changes) as market changed a lot in a month.

The changes appears to happen mostly on lower tier on moons.

As soon as pricing is updated i'll send naother alliance mail and you can start poking us Rental Manager to have updated pricing on things

Redwyne Vyruk
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