2017-12-03 19:44:00

To Celebrate the holidays, Brave will be doing a gift exchange and roam. To sign up for the Secret Santa exchange/fleet please visit:

I will take all the people who sign up and assign everyone their Secret Santa using a random generator on Monday December 11th. ALL signups must be complete by Sunday, December 10th. You will then have a week to buy a ship and bring it to GE-8JV - BROADCAST4REPS. We will be roaming with them on Sunday December 17th at 18:00 Eve Time so both EU and US can participate, please contract your gift at least an hour before. If you can't make the roam but still want to do the gift exchange that is fine.

Please make their ship a fully fit one, even if it is not expensive. Remember that this is the holiday season, be generous if you can. Remember the limitations of Alpha clones if you get assigned one and get them an appropriate gift.

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