2017-12-04 19:31:00
Greetings Marmites,

Projekt Lynchmob will leave The Marmite Collective tomorrow.
Our RL dont allow us to play eve the way we want at the moment and some of us are taking an Eve breake.
So we are going back to our roots into the Great Wildlands killing some shitlords if we have the time. :)

Special thanks to Murdoc who told us the HowTo in HS.

If you guys ever want to kill Pirate or their friends we could bait them with E.B.O.L.A.
You are always welcome to our fleets if you are interested in Nullsec stuff.

We wont join any alliance untill the wardecs are over.
Ill show up in ts tomorrow to say goodbye ^^

Best regards P0LYB
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