2017-12-27 23:52:00
Hello Brave,

This is a general notice that the 9ZFH-Z Zansha citadels are being decomissioned and will unanchor at some point after the 7th January 2018.

The citadels in question are the following:
- 9ZFH-Z-9ZFH-Z - Zansha Haven
- 9ZFH-Z-9ZFH-Z - Zansha Port

Both of these will be unanchored should they not get sold and transferred to Brave Holdings or Brave POS Boys. Should you be interested in buying these, please contact Charlie Dimaggio on slack or in-game for details.

If you have anything in build that will take longer than the 7th January to complete, please get in contact with a Zansha Director on slack to inform us of this and provide us with a screenshot of the build and the completion date so we can work something out with you.

If you have any assets in either of these citadels, please move them before the 7th January, as after that date the citadels will unanchor at any moment without notice and your assets will be sent into asset safety.

Fly Safe,
Lyra Swift (aka A'talia)
on behalf of the Zansha Directorate
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