2017-12-29 09:12:00
Dear W4rped Intentions,

The last couple of months have taken their toll on all of us, more so the leadership team of the alliance, yes it would of been nice to have everything in place, straight after the move it like most things it takes time and we are nearly there.

But over the last few weeks with the holiday season and all we have seen a drop in numbers, for the time being i hope and not a more foretuatus reason, but there has been a little bit of what i would like to call playground bullying and this needs to stop we are one team and no one person is bigger or better than another we need each other to make things work, and i want this to stop i won't name names as the members should know who they are and if i find out that members are looking or thinking of leaving with this as an underlying reason that i will be after the cause.

Please work and play together with respect for each other, i can only do as much as the next person, we have done great things let's not spoil this with this stupidity.

If anyone has an issue with what i have just said please come and find me in one of the comms channels we use.


Rock Onxo
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