2017-12-29 16:57:00
Those characters in alliance can auto rejoin. But putting your FAs back in is a must for those of you who want info but dont sit online with your mains ... excepting alot of you have moved to discord thus reducing the need for this channel.

well and you are all afk anyway


ps sorry for the spam

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From: Which Frog
Sent: 2017.12.29 16:37
To: Red-Frog,

Tried the route where i go though and find each one and all their alts in the channel list. CCP hates anyone whom uses channel moderation with large numbers so i am justgoing to remove you all and it regain access as a OM (thats the old CM for you that refuse to pay attention to anything) to regain access.

I dont hate you but holy pond scum this was going to be too much work.

Which Frog
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