2018-01-01 21:19:00
Hi everyone. I hope you are all well and I'd like to wish you all a Happy 2018.

Now that all the Mince pies and chocolates have been eaten, we can look back on 2017 with a great amount of pride.

From leaving Severance space to go and make some lifelong friends with Mental. Then taking the bold step to go out on our own into Catch, 2017 had plenty of memorable moments.

2017 is now however consigned to the history books, and what we do, going forward, is now what counts.

The last few months have admittedly been very tough at times, but the bigger challenges, be them in life or virtual reality, are never easy.

Now that we are settled in our own corner if New Eden, the time has come for us to move forward.

2018 will be the year where we really grow, both as a Corp and as an alliance. Where we can field 20-30 people in CTA fleets and supply the ships we sit in. Where we can defend our space from gangs who want to pick on miners and other "easy targets". Where we can be proud of saying that we are Warped Intentions.

I'm in.

Are you?

The Leadership Team
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