2018-01-02 21:15:00

Hello! yesterday I received a letter with this content. My Corporation is accused that has not do that. And insisted me to remove something that does not belong to me. And continue to threaten me without providing any evidence. Asking Rent managers to deal with this case, I already tired to say what I don't do such activities
Re: Once again, problems with Alcopony.
От: LadyScarlet
Отправлено: 2018.01.01 21:49
Кому: Art Omaristos, Djeck Vorobey, Dotsent Sunji, Khandar Goldstein, Nicola Poljus, Samoan Joe, Wakeup Alar,

Let me make my self clear Alcopony better not have any toons camping other systems - Samoan Joe i want screen shots of any offenders i will not hesitate to remove problem corp from rmt i have a list of people ready to rent systems expaicly in tenal.

Art Omaristos concider this your warning i dont care who your freinds are your isk is a small portion of what we take it and can easily be replaced stay out of malpas stay out of systems that dont belong to you do i make myself clear,.

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