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from a recording on the bridge of the crusier admiral Ackbar FUCK this is deffinatly a farken trap fucken typical.

Admiral Gial Ackbar 1983-2017 IT's A TRAP
From: industrial oblitorator
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To: Tactical Narcotics Team,

RIP and homage to one of the greatest Fleet commanders in space

Admiral Ackbar 1983-2017

OFF SCREEN DEATH not even a memerial service!

What in the FARK!

In homage to the greatest Fc known to all please rename your ships

ADMIRAL GIAL ACKBAR and let him rules the space of new eden!

A member of the amphibious Mon Calamari species, Ackbar was the foremost military commander of the Rebel Alliance who led major combat operations against the Galactic Empire.
The Mon Calamari are a species of fish-like, amphibious humanoids with salmon-colored skin, webbed hands, high-domed heads, and large fish-like eyes.

Ackbar was born on the planet Dac (or Mon Calamari), a world almost entirely covered by water, where his species built giant floating cities. The peaceful Ackbar was the leader of his home town, Coral Depths City, when forces from the Galactic Empire invaded and almost destroyed the planet. Despite the Mon Calamari's attempts to make peace, the Imperial forces destroyed several of their cities, stole their technology, and enslaved many of the aliens.

Ackbar was one of the first to be enslaved, and was eventually presented as an interpreter and personal servant to Grand Moff Tarkin.[6] During this time Ackbar learned much about both the Empire and military tactics in general, and also learned of both the Rebel Alliance and the Death Star, a moon-sized superweapon Tarkin was developing.

Ackbar was freed from captivity during a failed attempt by Rebel forces to capture Tarkin. Afterward he joined the Rebel Alliance and helped convince his species to support the cause, playing an integral part in persuading his people to contribute their massive starships, the Mon Calamari cruisers, to the Rebel Alliance.

Starting with the rank of Rebel commander, Ackbar helped design the B-wing, a powerful line of starfighters, which prompted Rebel leader Mon Mothma to promote him to admiral.

Following events in the film Star Wars, including the destruction of the Death Star, Ackbar helped the other Rebel leaders establish new bases of operation and manage a Rebel mobile task force in starships spread across the galaxy.

His responsibilities kept growing until Mon Mothma promoted him to commander of the entire Rebel fleet and head of military operations, as well as one of her top two advisers.

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post in all local chat in homage to our greatest FC.

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