2018-01-31 17:14:00
Hey Horde,
We are slowly preparing a migration for all services to part of this is a new bot for Discord to sync all members and their roles. This will be the first step that is going live and it requires YOU to take action AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Estimated time needed: 5 min

Please go to the following page and read carefully:

We did out best to make this as IDIOT proof as possible htis means if something isn't mention in the page or if you are not explicitly told to do something you don't have to worry about it. After you complete the simple steps you will see the following image: image. This means you did everything correctly.

Q: What about group x / y / z?
For groups like recon / caps etc there will be seperate instructions dont worry for now just worry about the chat channels listen for now.

Q: Do I need to setup the Mumble server?
A: At this time only a small group within Horde is testing the Mumble server on at this time you should NOT worry about this at all.

Q: Should I join "Horde TEST Discord Server" Discord server listed?
A: This server is only there for testing purposes, there is no reason to join it at this time.

Q: Im not seeing these new channels did I do something wrong?
A: No you did it correctly, because of the large amount of members Horde has we want to take a phased and batch approach to migrating users. This means we want as much info as possible upfront in order to do everything for you. If you filled out the form we can do everything else for you.

Q: When is this migration happening?
A: When I feel enough people have filled in their information, this could be tomorrow morning or in two weeks so please don't wait filling in the form.

Q: What happens if I don't do this?
A: You will lose access to Horde Discord for starters, and it will be a bigger pain to get back on because you will need to join the discord server again and make sure you get all your roles again.

Q: I'm seeing ERROR or UNAVAILABLE under my Discord Username!? HELP!
A: Don't worry about this for now it's caused by many people using the migration at the moment. You're data is correct just not displaying properly. You can double check this if you want by refreshing the page at a later time. Just continue filling in the form there is nothing wrong that will block you.

If you have issues PM me on Discord and i'll help you out.

Regards & Thank you,
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