2018-02-03 00:14:00
Hey guys & Girls

So im working to build some XL rigs for a sotiyo to put up in the shield and for the first Rig i need ALOT of salvage as listed bellow,

Burned Logic Circuit 21 600 units

Fried Interface Circuit 108 000 units

Melted Capacitor Console 108 000 units

Scorched Telemetry Processor 216 000 units

Defective Current Pump 216 000 units

Smashed Trigger Unit 216 000 units

Broken Drone Transceiver 216 000 units

Damaged Artificial Neural Network 216 000 units

Charred Micro Circuit 216 000 units

Thruster Console 216 000 units

Should you have any please contact me or
Should you wish to donate to the cause please contract to Desvoc Synchronized as this will help the allaince and will be greatly appreciated
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