2018-02-04 17:02:00
Hello all, i figured I would give you guys some info on how to make money off escaltions you cant complete yourselves.

this website is run by a group of horde site runners. The website is pretty straight forward and shows you a guide on what to do. However to give some info on their services they effectively buy bookmarks for the escaltions. this can be done in two ways, you either charge about 100mil for a 10/10 ded site or you do it for 0isk but then all the loot gets shared. They have a list for the sites they run and the loot split % , i had them run a maze for me and i got 205mil for doing nothing but selling the bookmark.

The website is very straight forward and easy to use, you can even track the progress of your contract and when its complete a full list of the loot drop goes on the website so you can see what others are getting too.

Have a look, if you want to know more feel free to send me a eve mail.
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