2018-02-07 14:33:00
Hello everyone!

The Brave Collective alliance runs a blueprint program to help out manufacturera! If you don't have a BPO ready to make your own copies, or just want to try manufacturing some different items. There is a wide variety of blueprints available, but supply is not unlimited.

For a full list of available blueprints, visit this page.

There are a few rules:
* The program is only available to the alliance
* Limited to 10 BPCs per request
* Requests for multiple of the same BPC is at the discretion of the BPC manager
* Only the BPCs on the list can be requested
* Please only have one request active at a time
* The program operates only from Dunk's Laboratory

Anything that is unreasonable will be rejected. And this is a sliding scale, arbitrary and utterly at the discretion of the BPC Managers. If they blink at the request, they’ll reject it.

In order to request blueprints use this form!

For questions, comments, and suggestions, please contact Jinx De'Caire (on Slack).

There are other blueprint copy programs available, please check this link to view them.

Alliance Industry Director
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