2018-02-08 01:02:00
No more unauthorized moon mining will be allowed on any moon in init-controlled Fountain. All moons will be taxed on a monthly 30 day cycle amount according to our appraisals.

Refining structures need to be unanchored or transferred to Initiative Associates Holding, including ones not on moons. Individual deals may be made between current structure holders and parties who would otherwise anchor if your structure wasn't there and mine, but IA-Holding will facilitate these trades.

As a reminder, your rent does not include the rights to set moon mining structures/cycles in your system. What is in the rental agreement applied only when moon mining was passive before the major mining changes.

Our taxation is 20/16/8/8/8 for R64/R32/R16/R8/R4.

Normal ores found at belts (such as arkonor, bistot, crokite, etc) are not being factored into our appraisals.

You will receive a flat 15% discount on R32/16/8/4 moons in systems you rent. If you have sub renters, that discount does not apply to them- you need to manage the payments just as you manage rent. R64 discounts in your systems are no longer offered unless you do backpayments to the beginning of December.

All deposits will be refunded.
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