2018-02-10 16:46:00
All Athanors and Tataras (regardless of whether or not they are on a moon) must be transferred to Initiative Associates Holding by Feb 11, 2018 23:59.

No exceptions will be made for people who have not made arrangements already with the rental team.

If the structures are not in our name we will treat them as if they are hostile structures and destroy them. If you do not transfer them to us by Feb 11 at 23:59, your deposit may also be in jeopardy.

If you have not paid for rent on a moon yet, make sure to contact a rental agent to request a quote.

As we mentioned at the release the intention was to always tax the moons, and i said we MAY offer to pay for them, and that you would not be reimbursed for rigs.

As of February 1, there is to be no more free moon mining or renter-held refineries. We will collect taxes on both refining and reacting.

Renters on the moons they rent will still receive access list permissions to dock and take control of their moon drills and fuel them. We have many renters who were doing this with no issues.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.
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