2018-02-12 08:17:00
Greetings Suicide Squad mates,

Well, first of all I want to let you all know that it's an honour to be part of this new adventure with current and new mates, and wish this joint venture to be great and gratifying for us all. I’m sure looking forward to lots of banter and fun.

A quick note to offer items and other goodies to anyone interested before I sell most of my current stock in High Sec. I know these can be somewhat lengthy lists to browse thru but please do feel free to just mail me with your own list of things you would like me to bring or make for you.

Also don’t hesitate to express what you would like to see/ have produced/ seeded on the local market in our space.


T1 Rigs - T2 Rigs.

Here is a list of Prints of ships and items that I can produce (as a reference). This isn't so much to self promote but in the spirit of cooperation and to encourage joint ventures in industry.

Thanks for your consideration.

Fly Bold and Reckless always.


PS a lot of the Prints are copies not BPO as implied by Eve Appraisal.
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