2018-04-28 22:13:00
I apologise for Replying-All, but I can't seem to send Alliance Mail from this mobile app.

please see here, and cyno up!

Brave's Birthday Bash
From: Ralend Oskold
Sent: 2018.04.21 01:13
To: Brave Collective

Hello Brave!

As you may have heard, Brave Collective will be turning 5 years old soon. Our official birthday will be on May 6th. We're planning a big celebration bash for the whole week. More details will follow but mark your calendars for the week of the 6th through the 12th of May.

If you are interested in helping, we need plenty more volunteers. Help ranging from logistics, to just being a warm body on the field refereeing a game. Any offers of help would be very appreciated. Just contact me, either in game, or on slack, and I can pull you into the slackchannel. Not on slack? Slack is great! Get in here.

We're looking forward to making plenty events that will blow you up in as many ways possible. Until then, stay tuned. ♥♥♥

Much Love,
-Ralend (why yes, I do enjoy colored text) Oskold

PS: To all our lovely spies, please forward this message on. You're invited too! ♥ We'll put up a reddit post soon.
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