2018-05-04 14:09:00
Hey guys o/

I'm planning to have a fun fleet this evening. It'll create and advert it at 18.30 ET. I want to have special ships with me, so I filled the alliance contracts with this

6x ffcom1
and this
2x ffgrif1

I want you to take the ships if you are about to join. Mind: I put 2 T1 blaster into each contract, so in case you cant shoot T2 use them.

Priority rule: ffcom1 > ffgrif2 > other
So yes you can use any other frig after fleet is full and all coms and griffs are boarded.

Staging is O-N589 - Knockout Dotte

All details like special demands (sabre, inty, ...) later.

hope we'll have at least 10 people with us, it doesnt make sense with less.

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