2018-05-05 21:06:00
Hello Brave! It's Happening!!!

In less than 3 hours, our Alliance will turn 5 years old!
Brave Newbies Inc. has already turned 5 years old back in January. We're gonna celebrate both at 00:00 with a mass fireworks display. I'll be putting fireworks and launchers on market in prep, and continue to do so throughout the hours leading up. Please grab some while you can early, and be available for a mass display. Our friends in Brave News Network will be recording it, so max peeps!

While I have your attention span, can evemail me some shitfits? You don't need to make the ship, just mail me the fit. We have a game scheduled during AUTZ called Misfit Thunderdome. I need some fun and wacky fits for this. The only requirements has to be:

1 a t1 frigate
2 t1 mods
3 some sort of DPS
4 insanity

I'm making one lucky AUTZ member this Beauty. Come up with something zany for our AU friends and evemail me the fit!!!

The first game today will be a thunder dome a couple of hours afterwards around 02:00. We will pre-ping it. We are handing out ships for this: the noble atron, and will be a fun brawl with prizes.

1st place is 250,000,000isk
2nd place is 100,000,000isk
3rd place is 50,000,000isk

The Grand Prize is awarded to us all: Glorious Combat!!!

More games will be held all day. Look to alliance pre-pings for times, there will be games between 0001 and 2259. I'll keep you posted. Have fun everyone!

Ralend Sleep-is-for-the-weak Oskold
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