2018-05-06 21:12:00
Hello Brave!

This is your IT department. As you might have heard the old API keys are going away in about 2 days. We have a replacement for core ready that you NEED to sign up for, because otherwise you will be locked out from all our services soon. So make sure you do the signup ASAP.

Go to this link and login with your main. As soon as that is registered, continue to use the eve login link to add more characters to your new core account. Don't log out and then add characters, you end up with multiple core accounts and neither of us wants that. If you add characters from multiple accounts you might need to log out from the EVE LOGIN (not from the core) to login to the other account, that's just fine.

That's all you need to do for now. It's a bit of work but much easier than API keys.

Again make sure you do this sign up ASAP.

Yukiko Kami
2IC Brave Collective / IT Director
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