2018-05-07 22:42:00

INTEROFFICE ADVISORY - Blackwings Online / Local War Chats

FROM: Executive Flag Staff

☜⁂☞ FIΞLD - When All Else Fails... We Don't!

Field Operations,

The purpose of this email is to briefly advise and introduce Blackwing multi-structures now anchored across the Aulari constellation.

We have attached a detailed brochure of the organization, for you to view known whereabouts of these anchored Citidels within the Alliance Bulletins menu. Moon mining stations will be auto-posted in the alliance calendar when they are up for mining.

Each has also been given a very detailed Bio that reflects operational attributes currently installed. Defenses are classified.

Corporations part of Field Operations are kindly requested to rent an office located at: Nuken - Blackwing Corporate Enterprises in doing so will act as each Corporations Alliance fee per month. Please ensure your automatic bill payments are set to autopay settings. Alliance monthly fee is set to: 3 million/per month.

Local War Chats

Briefly going to go over the current war and ask that we try and keep a low profile over the next 2 days in hopes that the war will be finalized. We've received complaints of Field Operation membership posting in local chat against current war targets with foul retaliation of words!

Please understand this is not tolerated by our valued Alliance nor is it tolerated within the New Eden universe. Our HR Department ( Lucius Julius Brutus ) Head of HR Department will outline further to parties involved as a first and last warning.

Note* Actions individuals may make affect us all as a whole, the only words that should be typed in local against war targets are ( GF ) Good Fight. Players who choose to go above and beyond these war of engagement laws may find themselves, victims of YouuTube videos, smack talk pasted all over their own profile page and may also continue the current war(s).
Field Operations will not be known for housing such individuals and may be subject to termination reviews.

Serenity Ocean
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